High-value promotional products:
Glass USB-Sticks with LED 

Of high quality and attracts attention! The patented glass USB-Sticks of the CRYSTAL-family excel with their design. The flacon-like USB-Stick is made of highly compressed glass and brushed metal. In addition, the metal is available in glossy gold or glossy silver version. Alternative caps/tops, made of wood or carbon, result in interesting combinations with the glass body.

The highlight of the CRYSTAL-Drives: Engravings are illuminated with an LED. A fabulous effect.

“With these USB-Sticks you will make the eyes of your customers sparkle with joy!”

Glass USB Stick with blue LED light
Glass USB-Stick: With blue LED and sub-surface glass engraving

It is the best-selling USB-Stick of the CRYSTAL-line. Optional equipped with a white, red, blue or green LED.
Available in the memory sizes 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB. With engraving inside the glass, or also on the cap.
You can choose between different packaging options. These too, can be printed with a logo.
The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces. There are bulk prices (for 50/100/250/500
pieces). Sold only to institutions, associations, trade and commerce. No retail sale.

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Various glass USB Sticks with different LED colours
Glass USB-Sticks in many colours


Your logo inside of the glass USB-Stick
We engrave your logo into the glass, and on the cap. Short, concise characters or
logos are ideal. Longer names can be engraved on the cap. We will present an expressive visualisation for release to you. If you need a logo-montage for an internal presentation in advance, please contact us.

Advertising options:
Engraving inside of the glass 2D (logo) or 3D (object)
Engraving on the cap
Printing on the gift packaging

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How to receive a sample
Convince yourself of the quality of the CRYSTAL-Drive. The feel, weight, shape, and materials in combination with the illuminated sub-surface engraving are an incredible experience!
We will gladly send a sample to your company. You can view it free of charge for 30 days. Then send the sample and the included sample invoice back within this term (or extend it), and we will credit the sample invoice entirely.
You and your surroundings will be stunned by this illuminated USB-Stick!

Contact: 0049 (0)7131 64938-23

We developed the USB-Sticks in 2011, got them ready for series production, and received the patent in the meantime.


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The CRYSTAL-Family

Versions of the CRYSTAL-Drives for every type of taste!

With pleasure, we will send you a sample. We will introduce each single model over time. Further information
can be found on our old CRYSTAL website.

Description of the pictures from above left to the right:

Glass USB-Sticks – above:
CRYSTAL-Mini, with transparent plastic cap
CRYSTAL-Key, with metal holder
CRYSTAL-Wood, with wooden cap, nut or maple
CRYSTAL-Paint, with cap in different colours
CRYSTAL-Carbon-Partial, with carbon-inlay in the cap
CRYSTAL-Gold, the standard model with a high-gloss gold coloured cap

CRYSTAL-Basic, the smallest and lightest from the line of models with a plastic cap
CRYSTAL-Carbon, with Carbon cap, very high quality
CRYSTAL-Frosted, with frosted glass
CRYSTAL-Twin-OTG, with USB and Micro-USB connection, and under it the
CRYSTAL-Twist, with metal holder
CRYSTAL-Drive, with brushed cap, most frequently ordered
CRYSTAL-Silver, the standard model with high-gloss silver coloured cap

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Glass USB Stick with carbon cap
Glass USB-Sticks : CRYSTAL-Carbon | Premium Segment

Glass USB-Sticks – Extra features

  • Data preloading – free of charge Use our preload-service and go easy on your USB-connections and nerves. We will preload your data already at the factory. Free of charge (this does not apply for items in stock)! Simply send the data early in consultation with our sales department. We provide appropriate download capabilities (FTP).

  • Logo-montage for your internal presentation we support you by creating a logo-montage and an animated visual.
  • The perfect packaging for our glass USB-Sticks is also available. There are several types of packaging to choose from, even a printed logo on it is possible. Free choice of colour for the magnetic flap-lid box with a minimum of 1,000 pieces.

  • Free delivery within Germany (this does not apply for items in stock)
  • Express delivery from stock within a few days for selected models. With engraved logo inside of the glass, and (optional) on the cap! Please contact us explicitly about this matter!
    On stock: Standard model, minimum order quantity is 50 pieces
    CRYSTAL-Drive, 4GB with white, red, or blue LED
    CRYSTAL-Drive, 8GB with white, red, or blue LED
    in black magnetic flap-lid box,
    overnight-express if necessary and available.

The daily prices of our glass USB-Sticks depend on the current Dollar rate, and the chip prices. With pleasure, we will send you a quotation with the latest prices.
In addition, order quantities and requested memory sizes affect the end price. The minimum order quantity for the basic model is 50 pieces. Available memory sizes: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

Direct contact: Tel. 07131 / 64938-23

Packaging and Patent

USB-Stick Packaging

The CRYSTAL-packaging has a protective function and doubles as a presentation help. A valuable USB-Stick should be handed over in appropriate gift packaging. We offer different packaging ideas with additional logo-service:

  1. Standard packaging, a black magnetic flap-lid box with foam-inlay.
    This box can be printed, or enhanced with a silver coloured, hot stamping foil.
  2. Transparent plastic box with magnetic closure and foam-inlay – this box can be printed as well.
  3. Small metal box with viewing window, foam-inlay – printing or engraving is possible on this box.
  4. PU imitation leather case (minimum 1000 pieces) – this case can be printed.
  5. Delivery is also possible in a foam tray. The USB-Stick is then packed individually in a transparent poly-bag.
Packaging options for the glass USB stick
Black magnetic flap-lid box – Transparent plastic box

Glass USB-Sticks – Quality and patent

We put a lot of passion and knowhow into the development of the glass USB-Sticks. The CRYSTAL-Drive is certified, and has had many quality checks and tests. The result is a unique USB-Stick of high quality and value, which will thrill you and your business associates.

cocos® is the patent holder in China, Hongkong as well as in European countries. A direct import from Asia violates the patent in two countries at the same time. Please contact your suppliers if a license for the sale exists. 

The patent applies in general for all USB-Sticks with illuminated sub-surface glass engravings (or acryl), regardless of shape and design. Besides the patent, a utility model protection also exists.

Offers from Chinese dealers and unauthorised dealers on the German market are illegal. We will will use the full force of the law to protect our interests. We are always able to identify and allocate our CRYSTAL-Drives.

Patent certificates: 
– European patent / EP publication no.: EP 2687069 (nationalised version: DE 50 2012 005 023.5); (PDF
– Utility model Germany: DE 20 2012 103 759.9; (PDF
– Chinese Patent: ZL 201280013303.6; (PDF)
– Hong Kong Standard Patent Application No. 14103302.1 (Patent No. HK1190266) based on the Chinese Patent Application No. 201280013303.6; (PDF)

Please note:
Due to patent reasons, we are not allowed to export to France and England. (The rights to these two countries belong to a patent co-owner)


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